Tayler Blodgett is a certified Rolfer® in the Kansas City area. Her journey in becoming a Rolfing practitioner ultimately stemmed from her meditation practice.  Being present in her body challenged her in new ways as pain, discomfort, and patterns of tension were brought to the forefront of awareness.

Through her own process of going through the Rolfing 10 Series, she had great results in pain reduction, but something unexpected happened. She gained a deeper awareness of how her body was expressing itself by responding to daily stresses with unnecessary patterns of tension. With this new awareness and improved postural alignment, finding ease within her body became more natural. Inspired by her own experience with Rolfing, Tayler graduated from the Ida Rolf Institute after graduating from Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai.

Tayler continues her education in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. Along side bodywork, Tayler is interested  in community development . She volunteered a two year service in the Peace Corps (Madagascar) and continues to sever the Kanas City community in various ways. 





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