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Ending chronic pain by releasing fascial strain patterns 



Why ROLFING® + Cranial sacral 


Chronic Pain Relief 

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Why Rolfing works

Inspired by yoga, Dr. Ida Rolf developed a hands-on approach capable of going beyond yoga postures reaching deeper layers of the body. The Rolfing method rehydrates fascial adhesions to restore the structural tensegrity of the human body. Dr. Ida Rolf’s studies in osteopathic medicine and hath yoga shaped her pioneering method of Rolfing.

When confronted with pain whether physical or emotional,  muscle fibers shorten and contract to protect organs and other vial structures. The body can remain in a state of protection long after the original source of pain is gone. Overtime, compensation patterns in our posture and the way we move leads to chronic tension. Rolfing restores the body by releasing the adhesions from head to toe.

The slow deep pressure used in Rolfing wakes up the highly dense sensory nerve endings within the network of fascia. This sensory “waking up” can function as a gateway to embodiment. Becoming aware of our habitual holding patterns allows for new patterns to develop. Other therapies often neglect important core structures like the diaphragm, pelvic floor, or thoracic inlet. Rolfing is unique in that it follows the osteopathic lineage which recognizes and treats the whole body as one unified system.  


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Rolfing Kansas City

Rolfing Kansas CityRolfing Kansas City

What to expect

Rolfing is typically done wearing underwear/bra. However, It is more important for you to feel comfortable and dress accordingly to your own comfort level.  I recommended lose fitting clothing that is not too constricting around waist line and bras that have access to the back. Your session will start with a structural body reading and light touch palpation to identify the primary restrictions. Rolfers do not use oils but may use wax/location to reduce friction. The pressure of contact varies from light to deep pressure. I have trained in cranial sacral therapy, organ harmonizing, peripheral nerve gliding, and bone unwinding. These various techniques may be incorporated into your Rolf session. 

is Rolfing Painful?

You may have heard that Rolfing is painful. It is true that old school Rolfers worked rather aggressively. The Ida Rolf Institute no longer trains with this out dated method.  Keeping with the current research, Rolfers flow between slack and tension to have the dual effect of challenging restrictions without over activating the nervous system. 

Rolfers still uses deep pressure, but aims for “feel good pain”. In areas of the body that are sensation to touch,  I can work at the surface level with peripheral nerves and still be effective.  I value good communication, if needed, please request a lighter contact. More pain does not equal better results. 

The cost of each session is $110.00. Sessions range from 75 to 90 Mins.

Sessions for children are typically shorter and are charged at a reduced rate. 

For individuals experiencing financial hardship, please email documentation of income to discuss reduced payment options.  


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Rolfing Kansas City

Rolfing Options

The Rolfing series is a series of 10 sessions that have specific structural goals for each session that release myofascial adhesions from head to toe in the first 7 sessions. The goal of the last 3 sessions is to integrate the changes through fine-tuning movement patterns for longer-lasting results.  The 10 series results in improved postural alignment and greater ease of movement. 

Click here to learn more about the Rolfing 10 Series

Spot treatment sessions are an alternative option for individuals who are not interested in the full Rolfing 10 series. A spot treatment may look like a single treatment or multiple sessions that focus on specific areas that need immediate attention. 



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